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Financial Education

Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation (NOC) is a non-profit affiliate of Bancorp. NOC's Financial Literacy Program serves low to moderate-income communities in the San Diego area. This program helps to build financial stability and encourages entrepreneurship and sustainability.

In addition, this program helps new immigrants understand U.S. financial institutions and encourages sound financial management. Program participants are residents of city communities that include adult students, new immigrants, welfare to work populations and youths at risk. A majority of the program participants are married couples looking for safe and sound ways to manage their money, particularly planning for home ownership and providing for the education of their children.

As of the end of 2004, the total number of individuals that have successfully completed this program was approximately 400. By the end of 2006, NOC's alumni will consist of a minimum of 1,700 participants in the San Diego area. Initially, seeded with a grant from NNB and Bancorp, NOC has been self-sustaining through private and public monies garnered to support its educational efforts.

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